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In the Asian Vip Bet section you can get the best bets on the Asian goal line and Asian handicap. Here are the most suitable bets every day on football matches for which we have chosen the Asian goal line or Asian handicap option.

You can bet these matches at any sports betting site, so do not worry about it. Asian Line options offer far more choice for bets. That’s why a lot of tipster soccer picks offer tips on Asian handicap instead of European handicap. The Asian Handicap gives more opportunity and so you can choose the best bet line to make a profit.

Asian Handicap is a football bet that was first placed in Indonesia. Over the years this bet has become very popular in Europe and can be betting on more and more sports betting sites.

What is the reason why Asian handicap and Asian goal line become so popular?

Asian options offer an additional option for betting on football matches. Asian handicap is especially preferred when there is a super favorite in the game and its final outcome is very low. Then use the Asian handicap to bet on a better odds to win the favorite with two or three goals difference, for example.

Asian handicap is set to give equal chances to both teams. Ie. you can also support the weaker team not to lose a 2-goal difference, which is not so clear at the expense of losing the match.

Asian handicap gives the good tipsters good value in weaker teams. This is how a good series of winnings can be achieved, and in our predictions in the Asian Vip Bet section you can often see similar options. Of course, the Asian goal lines will be included in the predictions as we will aim every day to select the best bets for a football game.

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