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Asian Handicap Bet – In this category on our site you can find good advice on Asian handicap betting. This is one of the most popular football bets and all online bookmakers offer it for soccer matches. The Asian handicap gives an advantage to one of the two teams, and you can take advantage of very good odds on many lines.

Each match has one main Asian handicap line – for example +1.5 for one team and -1.5 for the other team. A -1.5 Asian Handicap bet means you are betting a team to win with two goals difference. However, if you bet on a plus handicap +1.5, then the team must not lose more than a goal difference, with a tie or a win for it, the bet is also profitable.

The Asian handicap also has values that you can lose, but not your whole bet, like the Asian goal line. For example, when a -1.25 Asian Handicap Bet is awarded to a team and the match ends 1:0 or 2:1 in favor of your team, then half the stake is returned. With a 2 or 3 goal difference, you logically earn the full win.

When you bet on -1.75 Asian Handicap, your team is expected to score a win with at least 3 goals difference to make a full profit. In a two-way victory, you win only half of the bet because you have actually bet two bets: -1.5 Asian Handicap and -2.0 Asian Handicap, with the second option returning your bet.

A good option for weaker Asian handicap teams can be +2.5 or +3.5. This ensures that your bet even if the team loses, you have a chance to win. With a +2.5 Asian handicap bet on Palermo vs Inter for example, with Inter’s 3:1 win in the match, you win. However, if Palermo loses three or more goals in the match, your bet is losing.

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