Asian Goal Line Bet

Asian goal line bet is one of the main betting sections of This is a very popular football bet, which is used by many players. For each match you can bet on a number of goals, but you have a much larger selection of Asian goals. They resemble traditional Under / Over bets, but in these markets, bettors have the option of placing different lines as over / under 1.25 goals, over / under 2.25 goals, and so on.

Asian goal line bet gives players a lot more choice when betting. That’s why the bet types of this option are very popular. For example, you are betting under 2.75 goals in the match, here the odds will be a bit lower than the option under 2.5 goals per goal as this is a slightly more secure bet. In this case, with a score of 2-1, the player does not lose in full, but gets only half of the stake back.

This is because this alternative Asian goal line is actually 2 lines, one of which is under 3 goals and the other under 2.5 goals. When the score is 2-1 – there are 3 goals scored in the game so that line below 2.5 automatically loses. The other 3-goal line returns you half the bet. So, with a bet of $ 30 on the 2.75 line, you get back $ 15. If you had made a bet under 2.5 goals, you would lose.

That’s why the Asian goal line bet is so popular, and many soccer tipsters give predictions to these options, as better analysis of matches can avoid losses.

Another example of betting on the alternative goal line is over 2.25 goals. Here your bets are for over 2 goals and over 2.5 goals. In the event that the game ends at a score of 1-1, then the case from the previous situation is repeated again. You will get half your stake because you need three hits for winning the match, but you do not lose your whole bet because this Asian goal line also includes a bet of more than 2.0 goals. With three or more goals in the match, the 2.25 goals are profitable at the relevant odds.

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